2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour featuring 16Volt/Chemlab/Left Spine Down

The 2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour kicks off on April 30th and runs through June 4th with a special stop to made on Thursday May 13th in Montreal for Kinetik Festival – Theatre UsineC – All Ages – with Leather Strip, Vomito Negro, Imperative Reaction, The Gothsicles, Caustic and more!

For an added dose of awesome, Sean Payne of Cyanotic will be playing live synths for 16Volt on select dates beginning May 6th. Then the Cyanotic crew will be joining Sean for two shows in Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA. on May 16th & 17th.

Wait! There’s more…

Those of you in Chicago and Cleveland have been deemed worthy enough to have your souls devoured by blackened Industrial metalists, DEFCON as their onslaught continues via this tour May 9th & 16th.

Come out and enjoy machine rock glory.


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