Adding An Extra "Oomph" To Punk!

Deathwish of interviews Left Spine Down.

“As the world of politics and the corporate media seem to be in such disarray, it has been hard to understand why not more artists are rising from the madness and standing against the system while empowering the listeners to wake up. After searching everywhere for a band willing to bring back this old “punk” attitude, I stumbled upon a Canadian based project mixed with members of The Black Halos and Frontline Assembly named Left Spine Down.”

DeathWish: Most importantly what impact on society or at least with your own fans would you like to leave with your music?

kAINE: That people still can make good music to rock out to amongst the chaos of it all. Not really to make sense of it, but just to embrace it, celebrate it, and hopefully come to understand it, finding the answers along the way.

Denyss: Get out and do something with your life. Have fun. Enjoy your time. Use it well.
Don’t sit and become a product of your situation or environment. Have the audacity to
do it all for yourself.

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