Aesthetic Perfection and Faderhead Begrudgingly Announce Full US Tour with Everything Goes Cold

With the power of six thousand tiny dogs gnawing feverishly at your shins while you drag the desiccated corpse of your once vibrant tap-dancing career out behind the old dumpster to shoot it repeatedly until it finally stops squirming, EVERYTHING GOES COLD have returned to once more vomit the soulless, hateful noise that they call music upon cities all across the United States. And also Canada.

Desperately clinging to the cuffs of the increasingly gnarled slacks of the much more popular and palatable bands AESTHETIC PERFECTION and FADERHEAD, EGC will bring their magical gift of song to the following locales:

* 4/23/11 Phoenix, AZ
* 4/25/11 San Antonio, TX
* 4/26/11 Austin, TX
* 4/27/11 Dallas, TX
* 4/28/11 New Orleans, LA
* 4/29/11 Atlanta, GA
* 4/30/11 Cincinatti, OH
* 5/01/11 Pittsburgh, PA
* 5/02/11 Columbus, OH
* 5/03/11 Rochester, NY
* 5/05/11 Washington, DC
* 5/06/11 New York, NY
* 5/07/11 Philadelphia, PA
* 5/19/11 Montreal, QC (Festival Kinetik)

* (Note that EGC will not appear at the 4/22/11 show at Das Bunker in Los Angeles, because they will be drunk.)

Venues to be announced soon. Show up early to join us in our horrifying descent in to madness and expired meat products.

It’ll be totally boss.

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