Chicago, IL – October 1, 2008 – The Vancouver cyberpunk quintet Left Spine Down (also known as LSD) are sad to inform everyone that they have been forced to cancel all the US dates for their much anticipated “Touring For Voltage 2008 Tour” in support of their debut record Fighting For Voltage.

Their American label Bit Riot Records were not able to secure working visas in time for the band to cross into the US legally, and the group was subsequently turned away at the border without hesitation. Luckily, they were let go with nothing more than a warning and will be allowed to attempt to cross into the US at a later date.

Guitarist Denyss McKnight states “We couldn’t be more disappointed with how things went. We were looking forward to finally getting across the border and meeting our American fans and getting a chance to play with some bands that we really respect and admire. It’s gotten a lot harder to get across the border, and unfortunately that is really killing any chance for a Canadian band to expand their fan base. It’s a shame that the United States can’t come up with a way for international artists to come into their country without as much headache as we have to go through to get in.”

Bit Rot Records regrets not being able to get the work visas approved in time and is pursuing proper immigration representation for Left Spine Down to ensure safe travel across the border in 2009. They would also like to apologize to everyone that worked so hard to put this tour together, to the fans who were looking forward to finally seeing the band live, and to our artist Left Spine Down for the inconvenience and disappointment.

Tonya Leigh of Bit Riot Records adds “I couldn’t agree more with Denyss on this. My sincerest apologizes to everyone. This has definitely been a learning experience. Its a tough blow for us, for sure. Don’t worry though, its not tough enough to stop us. Bit Riot Records willbring LSD to the US in ’09.”

The band is hoping to try again in the spring as part of a festival run. Band manager Mark Sommer says “The band has applied to perform at next year’s SXSW and has a confirmed Canadian Music Week 2009 appearance slotted and has also been asked to appear at certain electronic and metal festivals in 2009. So, we’re going to try again. Hopefully, things will work out in our favor this next time through.”

Left Spine Down apologizes to all affected promoters, agents, bands and most importantly, our fans who were hoping to see the band live.

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