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Formed in 2008 by Phil Barry, Be My Enemy’s mission has been to pull together Phils many musical talents as a Guitarist, Producer, Singer and Songwriter to create a energetic hybrid of electronic and rock musicial styles. Previous to Be My Enemy you might of known Phil as half of Londons seminal electronic rockers Cubanate who in the 1990s produced 4 albums, released such classics as ‘Oxyacetalyne’ and ‘Bodyburn’ toured extensively around the USA and Europe and influenced a host of other bands along the way.

The Be My Enemy sound can best be described as a uncompromising energetic fusion of Rave, Metal, Techno and Punk that is at home at festivals and clubs and will either make you want to dance your arse off or bang your head and stage dive.

The first song written for Be My Enemy’s debut and the first song on the album was “New Wave”. ‘The song is autobiagraphical’ states Phil ‘its about me stepping up to the plate and becoming the frontman of my own project finally’. A couple tracks on the album are reminiscent of Cubanate, “Ghost In The Machine” sounds like a Raved up twin of Cubanate’s “Barbarossa” but with a mad middle section or “Wasted Life” which is similar to earlier songs with sampled off vocals repeating phrases. ‘This album has alot of influences from old rave records on it. The old Juno synthisiser rave sounds are my favorite synth noises ever,i use them on about half the album,actually most of my studio is analogue i never joined the digital studio revolution.’

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