Bit Riot Joins Noisescape TV Fundraiser

After more than three years shooting standard DV only, Noisescape TV is ready to make the jump to HD video production! To help them achieve this goal, they’re asking fans to help them get a new HD video camera.

Bit Riot Records and their artists are happy to offer up some "Fan Packs" for your contributions towards this camera. Including an Extra special 8 disc set featuring CD’s by Cyanotic, Left Spine Down, Everything Goes Cold, Defcon, Decobrio, Torrent Vaccine, mindFluxFuneral and more, plus a Bit Riot Chicago T Shirt, the Noisescape Best of DVD and Noisescape supporter pack.

You can find more information on this "Kickstarter" FUNDRAISER and the camera HERE.

One of the many videos we love filmed by Noisescape TV:

*About the band fan pack prizes: each one consists of a signed CD plus other promo/swag type extras, such as signed photos, stickers, pins, shirts, and various other items. The contents of each pack were selected by the band in question, so products inside will vary depending on what’s available.

Best of DVD list: Babyland, Chemlab, Abney Park, I:Scintilla, XP8, Everything Goes Cold, Unwoman, Jill Tracy, Betty X, nolongerhuman, Mankind is Obsolete, C/A/T, System Syn, The Gothsicles, Unter Null, Faith and the Muse, Ayria, Psyclon Nine, Aesthetic Perfection, Cyanotic, Alter Der Ruine, Hex Rx, Deathline Intl., Vernian Process and Rosin Coven with more to be added soon.

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