May 12, 2008


Chicago, IL – May 12, 2008 – Chicago’s Bit Riot Records has reached the Southern underground with the signing of Torrent Vaccine, a Baton Rouge based electronic solo project produced by Brad Vaccine.

With a sound that electronic aficionado’s might describe as Download meets Haujobb with just a touch of Meat Beat Manifesto, Torrent Vaccine is a unique experience for every listener. While fans and critics may struggle to categorize Torrent Vaccine, it is clear that this diversity is exactly what makes the project so unique. With a fan base that spans from metal to industrial to rave, Brad Vaccine’s ideology is clearly on display.

The idea that “progress” in a society or culture begins with individuals is the foundation of Torrent Vaccine’s musical efforts. This idea has led Torrent Vaccine’s influence to spread into a variety of scenes resulting in an impressive list of performances with bands including Assemblage 23, Bella Morte, Chris Connelly, Cut Rate Box, Dope, Hanzel und Gretyl, Meg Lee Chin, Pigface, Pitbull Daycare, Professional Murder Music, Sheep On Drugs, Slick Idiot, Stromkern, Tubring, Zeromancer, and VNV Nation.

Positioned as a strong supporting act and hosting a successful club night in his region, Brad Vaccine’s experience and professional attitude makes him a welcome addition to the Bit Riot Records roster.

Torrent Vaccine has signed on to release their first full length via Bit Riot Records.

“Tentative Response” is scheduled to hit streets summer of 2008.

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