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Jan 26/11 VampireFreaks Interview with Phil Barry of Be My Enemy

Interviewer P. James sits down with Mr. Barry to discuss his method, his years of self-exploration, and the rising of his new wave. Q: Regarding the album title, it’s.

Jun 5/10 Cyanotic – Enjoying the Overstimulation

Re:Gen Magazine has posted an interview with Sean Payne of Cyanotic. "Cyanotic's music struck a nerve in the industrial community, incorporating elements of drum & bass, metal and even hip-hop to.


Everything Goes Cold's Eric Gottesman interviewed at great length on this week's edition of the Razorblade Dancefloor podcast.. Razor Blade Dance Floor #120 Also, human helicopter consumes own face. Details.

Aug 11/09 Torrent Vaccine Interview with ReGen Magazine

"...Seth Kelly (Torrent Vaccine Design) was shaking his Walkman at me and hands me a cassette case for The Downward Spiral. I think that was the first time I started.

Aug 5/09 Spotlight: Cyanotic

Sean Payne of Cyanotic interviewed by The Dom of Sphere Magazine UK. '"Chicago natives Cyanotic are one of the fasted rising stars on the Industrial scene..." Get the rest here: