[CHICAGO] No Work And All Play

As many of you know there is an awesome monthly Sunday Night Showcase in Chicago hosted by our very own Dave of WTII Records. The night focuses on both local and national Electro, Industrial, Gothic, New Wave and trip-hop bands and is always a great way to hear new music, network and hang out with friends.

Sunday Nov 9th will prove to be even better. Why?

Because mindFluxFuneral has been asked to come out of the studio and give us a sample of what they have been so secretively working on. See mindFluxFuneral like you have never seen them before and will never see them again. Stripped down to the bone, pure, raw, uninhibited industrial mayhem. One night only and exclusively for this installment of Dave’s Sunday Night Showcase.

That’s pretty much why.

Not to mention its our first peek at AM.PSYCH and FRENCH HORN REBELLION.

WTII Record’s Dave’s Upcoming Sunday Showcases
Darkroom is located at 2210 W. Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Sunday Nov 9th


Ticket prices are $6
21+ doors at 7pm


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