[CONTEST] This Is Brutal.

”Brutal Deluxe” by Cyanotic is being featured on the October ’08 CD Sampler released by Metal Maniacs Magazine. http://www.metalmaniacs.com.

This issue is available NOW! So, get out there and snag your copy, its everywhere. What are you waiting for? We know it means leaving the house, but don’t worry, we are going to make it worth your while.

Those who do will pick up this issue will have a chance to win the entire Cyanotic catalog including copy of the upcoming limited “Prehab 25mg-EP”, plus have their picture posted here on BitRiotRecords.com and other related sites. You know what, I’m in a giving mood…we will even throw in a shirt to make the deal sweeter.

All we ask is that you send a photo of yourself posing with your copy of the October ’08 Metal Maniacs Magazine in one hand and the Sampler in the other, or something like that. Just be creative…its the difference between winning and losing.

Email the photo, along with your name and address to us at info@bitriotrecords.com until we cut you off on October 30th.

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