Cyanotic and Unter Null Officially Announce "2010 Detox Tour" Dates.

Chicago’s genre-fusing techno-metalists CYANOTIC have officially announced dates for their upcoming “2010 Detox Tour” with dark electro project UNTER NULL.

The North American dates will feature CYANOTIC (with members of RABBIT JUNK), UNTER NULL and special guests to be announced in markets across Northern America with aggressive scheduling in both Canadian and US territories. In addition, there are planned promotional efforts such as scheduled in-store appearances, DJ spots, and festival performances promoting the tour as a whole.

CYANOTIC and UNTER NULL seem to share a similar direction and fan base, but are just different enough to pull in audiences and fans of industrial, rock, and EBM. The live shows will be a frenetic assault of audio and video, with full live backing bands playing against an onslaught of violent imagery to compliment the equally intense performances.

Both bands are touring in support of their latest 2010 releases.
Cyanotic – The Medication Generation (Bit Riot)
Unter null – Moving On (Alfa-Matrix)

The Detox Tour will kick off in Portland on July 6th and covering the bulk of North America before ending on August 14th. Be sure to visit or for complete touring itinerary.

Unter Null and Cyanotic 2010 USA Detox Tour Dates:

7.06.10 The Fez Ballroom – PORTLAND, OR
7.08.10 DNA Lounge – SAN FRANCISCO, CA
7.10.10 Club Mardi Gras – PHOENIX, AZ
7.12.10 Moonlight Lounge – ALBUQUERQUE, NM
7.15.10 Red 7 – AUSTIN, TX
7.16.10 TBA – HOUSTON, TX
7.17.10 Howling Wolf - NEW ORLEANS, LA
7.21.10 Respectable Street – WEST PALM BEACH, FL
7.24.10 Darq Salem – SALEM, MA
7.25.10 Club Hell – PROVIDENCE, RI
7.26.10 Neu+ral – TORONTO, ON
7.27.10 Zaphod Beeblebrox – OTTAWA, ON
7.29.10 Peabody’s - CLEVELAND, OH
7.30.10 Blondie’s – DETROIT, MI
7.31.10 Santos Party House – NYC
8.03.10 Garfield Artworks – PITTSBURGH, PA
8.04.10 Darkroom – CHICAGO, IL
8.06.10 Club Anything – MILWAUKEE, WI
8.07.10 Ground Zero - MINNEAPOLIS, MN
8.09.10 Hi Dive – DENVER, CO
8.10.19 Club Edge – SALT LAKE CITY, UT

For more information about these bands or the 2010 Detox Tour visit:
Detox Tour Facebook Event Page
VampireFreaks Industrial Music Forum

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