Cyanotic Announces The Medication Generation Release Date. 3 Pre-order Options Now Available.

Mark your calendars and set your electronic alerts to stun because on July 6th, 2010 Bit Riot Records will unleash the best electronic metal album of the last ten years, The Medication Generation, from Chicago’s genre-fusing techno-metalists Cyanotic.

A conceptual effort, The Medication Generation is based on the making of the album itself, exploring the lives of Cyanotic and those around them, as seen through the eyes of frontman Sean Payne over the past three years. Twisting between cycles of self-destruction, over-stimulation and moments of clarity polluted by mass media and present day society The Medication Generation seems to have zero boundaries.

“Watching Sean craft this album over the last three years has been an amazing process,” shared Bit Riot label owner, Eric Dusik. “Every song has been meticulously crafted, revised and then molded into the coolest sample-laden, glitched-out industrial metal I have ever heard. Sean has poured himself into this album like never before and once Jamie came on board everything just came together. I am comfortable in saying that this is one of, if not the best, electronic rock/metal records in the last ten years.”

Cyanotic frontman Sean Payne along with producer and close friend Jamie Duffy (of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack) challenge audio limitations — implementing elements of grindcore, electronica, metal, drum & bass and ambient industrial with vocals ranging from a fierce growl to a hushed whisper. The heavy, syncopated riffs of “Sentient” and “Dose Responsive”, the dancefloor-ready beats of the anti-scene anthem “f@5h10n v1k+um5” and the pervasive audio samples that create Cyanotic’s sonic ADD make The Medication Generation a defining record for heavy electronic music.

Fans can get a taste of The Medication Generation by visiting

The full track listing for The Medication Generation is as follows:

1. med:gen
2. dose responsive
3. alt machine.edit
4. dissonant dissident
5. the static screens [in syndication]
6. efficacy
7. f@5h10n v1k+um5
8. the same
9. programmed
10. monochrome skies
11. brutal deluxe
12. drek kick [featuring rabbit junk]
13. comadose
14. sentient

Pre-order the album at

You can do so in one of three ways: The Medication Generation CD, The Medication Generation CD and T-shirt Combo, or The Medication Generation Ultra Combo (which includes CD copies of The Medication Generation, Prehab 25mg and Gears Gone Wild and a Cyanotic logo t-shirt.)

All pre-orders include a copy of the digital album Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition which will be available for download on July 6th. This is the sequel to the original Gears Gone Wild and will include more incredible exclusives, remixes and unreleased songs from artists in the Cyanotic/Bit Riot Records crew.

In support of The Medication Generation, Cyanotic will be joining forces with Unter Null (and Rabbit Junk/The Named on select dates) on the 2010 Detox Tour from July 6th to August 14th. For full tour dates and details please visit or

For more information about Cyanotic or The Medication Generation visit:

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