Cyanotic Puts Finishing Touches On The Medication Generation Album

Cyanotic has been locked in the studio to finish recording their most anticipated album to date, The Medication Generation. Produced by Jason Prost (mindFluxFuneral/owner N.U.M. Studios) and Jamie Duffy (Acumen Nation/Dj Acucrack) the album shows definite evolution since Transhuman 2.0 in 2007. Even though a few of the tracks from this record have been in different stages of completion since early 2006.

Vocalist Sean comments: “We just spent last week busting our asses to finish up the entire guitar recording, editing and engineering. We’ve got demo vocals for all the tracks, just have to do final passes on everything, which should be all wrapped up in a single session. After that, final song mixdowns (since most of ‘em are already pretty well along), then a week break to live with them, then a single session for polishes and additional engineering. So basically, three to four more sessions, it’s really close and I’m feeling the weight of 300 tons slowly being lifted off my chest.”

Cyanotic will be joining 16VOLT for 5 dates on the West coast early July to promote their upcoming album The Medication Generation.

The record is expected to be released in late Summer 2009.

For more information visit:
http://www. myspace. com/cyanoticonline

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