Deconbrio: Remixes, Remasters, and Revamps.

While Deconbrio continues to work on their upcoming album Voyeur, here are a couple of updates to keep you somewhat satiated.

On August 16th, Deconbrio posted on Twitter and Facebook for everyone who has Obsessions of a False Idol to “get ready to delete it from your hard drive/mp3 player”. Shortly after, a remastered release of Obsessions of a False Idol appeared on BandCamp ( ) in multiple high resolution formats, including 320kbps MP3 and FLAC format. The album is still free, so be sure to download the re-masted Obsessions of a False Idol.

Also, the FiXT Remix vs Deconbrio compilation (—Deconbrio-VS-FiXT-Remix-(MP3-Album) ) has made an appearance in the FiXT store. Back in June, the FiXT Remix community was asked to give the Deconbrio track “The Feeling Remains” a face-lift. The winners were handpicked by both Danny Rendo and members of the FiXT staff for their creativity and originality. A wide spectrum of genres, from “morose ballads to gritty Drum & Bass/rock”, grace this remix compilation. Head over to the FiXT Store and download this 17 track (yes, SEVENTEEN!) compilation, which includes ten remixes from Adam Zwakk, Dreamy Banshee, KBV and Deconbrio, 7 instrumental versions, a PDF booklet and a PDF poster.

There you have it. More Deconbrio music to keep you pleasantly occupied while you patiently wait for the release of Voyeur. Be sure to swing by the recently revamped Deconbrio.Dot.Com ( ) for all your Deconbrio updates.

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