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Deconbrio is Danny Rendo

Originating in South Florida over a decade ago, Deconbrio is determined to be heard. Led by frontman Danny Rendo, the project has relocated in the last few years to San Francisco, CA, and then Knoxville, TN. Danny carries on, but regrets having to leave such awesome band members behind. Although he writes and records all the music himself, he enjoys working with other artists and feels the music only benefits from his collaborations. After each move, Danny struggled with finding a live band to perform shows, but even this hasn’t slowed him down. During his travels, he has acquired many life lessons he plans to use to fuel many more albums. His experiences across the country have given him a broader perspective of how the music scene works across the nation and how to best reach the masses with his music.

In regards to his creative process, Danny has said, “When it comes to writing lyrics, I like to both make it very whole, but leave a lot open for the listener’s interpretation. Let them build their own storyline. To me, no matter what’s going on in my head, the music I write is always the perfect soundtrack.”

Aside from being a musician, Danny is also a talented photographer/videographer and graphic artist. He goes so far as to create all the promotional material for his work himself, including album art and music videos. Even though Danny is perfectly capable of producing all the creative parts of his album, he never turns down help from other artists and utilizes his connections in the Alt Model world frequently.

Since the release of The Vanishing, Danny has lent his remixing skills to a few artists, including Caustic, Celldweller, I Will Never Be The Same and Torrent Vaccine.

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