EGC's Eric Gottesman featured on XP8 Drop the Mask album

Before you knew them as “the guys who remotely mixed the Everything Goes Cold EP, remixed ‘Abort’ for ‘Gears Gone Wild’, worked on the Squidhead Liberation Front KLF cover of ‘What Time Is Love?’, and occasionally let Eric Gottesman from EGC play bass in their band “, did you know that Marco and Marko of XP8 had their own project, called XP8? BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY TOTALLY DID. And it’s significantly more popular than Everything Goes Cold! In fact, you’re probably wondering why you’re reading something from us and not either listening to an XP8 track or swooning over pictures of their hot Italian bodies RIGHT NOW.

Their new album, “Drop the Mask”, comes out in January, with details listed here. The track “Scorpio Eyes” features guest vocals by EGC’s Eric Gottesman, and the digital single for “Want It” features Daniel from Aesthetic Perfection and a new remix by EGC remixer extraordinaire SAM. Spread the word and send them creepy slash-fic in which you insert yourself into their sexual exploits.

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