Everything Goes Cold Galavants Haphazardly Across the West with HANZEL UND GRETYL

ZANZIBAR – Professional paratroopers and expert pastry chefs EVERYTHING GOES COLD have announced another West Coast Minotaur- this time with Deutschland’s finest New Yorkers, HANZEL UND GRETYL.

This coming May, you too can be ground in to nutmeg by the Terrors of Two Coasts in Seattle, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. All other cities in the western United States that start with the letter S are pussies. Especially the city of Salem, Oregon. Seriously. I’ve had enough of them.

Also, you’d all better get used to referring to us as the “Terrors of Two Coasts” in casual conversation or there will be hell to pay. We are listening.

This is only the beginning of the year’s most dastardly and malevolent set of concerts. Soon, it will come for you. All of you. And your perishables.

EGC live with C/A/T at Club Circuitry, Sacramento
The Sky Room at Country Club Lanes
Friday, April 23. Doors at 9:00 pm.

EGC live with HANZEL UND GRETYL in Seattle
El Corazon
Tuesday, May 25. Doors at 7:00 pm.

EGC live with HANZEL UND GRETYL in San Francisco
DNA Lounge
Wednesday, May 26. Doors at 7:00 pm.

EGC live with HANZEL UND GRETYL in Salt Lake City
Club Vegas
Thursday, May 27. Doors at 7:00 pm.


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