SALZBURG, AUSTRIA- Thursday, January 7, 2010. The day that Everything Goes Cold will finally meet the goddamn heroes of Arnocorps on the battlefield of Los Angeles in a terrifying audio assault. It’s EGC’s first venture to Los Angeles since the heady days of 2008, and your first venture out of the house since your mom stole your shoes. You can wear those giant bear slippers you got for Thanksgiving.

BUT THERE’S MORE. We have a pre-order page for tickets featuring deep discounts on merch! Buy your ticket in advance with a copy of the Prepare To Be Refrigerated EP, the new album, vs. General Failure, or the totally awesome Ice Brigade Pack and pick your merch up at the show to save on price and shipping!

Preorders are available here:


January 7, 2010
Everything Goes Cold opens for ARNOCORPS
8901 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Get there early!!

(Also, seriously, pre-order tickets or we don’t get paid. Then we’ll have to crash at your house after the show and it will be aaaawkwaaaaard.)

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