Everything Goes Cold Joins Forces With Chicago's Bit Riot Records

Following a six thousand-year struggle for dominance amongst an increasingly primitive and outrageously uncouth swath of electronic rock competitors, EVERYTHING GOES COLD has finally chewed through the barbed-wire fence of obscurity to toil endlessly in the eternal Valhalla/Duat/Hades of efficient marketing and sales upon which tread all signed bands. Yes, you have understood this correctly: EVERYTHING GOES COLD has joined forces with Chicago’s BIT RIOT RECORDS to usher in a new era of bewilderment and unending algor.

Fronted by Eric Gottesman, one of Industrial Music’s most prolific and multifarious performers, EVERYTHING GOES COLD are preparing to unleash "EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE", the full length follow-up to their 2008 debut EP, "PREPARE TO BE REFRIGERATED", which showcased their wit and megalomania against a solid backdrop of remixes from classic artists like HATE DEPT. (Underground Inc.) and BABYLAND (Metropolis) as well as contemporary heavy-hitters like SAM (Pro-Noize) and LIFE CRIED (Noitekk/COP Int’l).

After a brain-rattlingly loud mini-tour of the west coast in 2008 with Babyland and a series of explosive concert appearances with everyone from 16 VOLT (Metropolis) to COMBICHRIST (Metropolis/Out of Line), EGC isolated themselves in the studio for months, forgoing all sunlight and the gentle caress of woman-kind, producing well over ten minutes worth of pounding, dense music with lush vocal harmonies, chunky guitars, and aggressive electronics, extolling themes of robotic domination and technological terror.

Banding together with the vicious corporate might of BIT RIOT RECORDS, the new album "EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE" is finally ready to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace.

Start running.

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