Everything Goes Cold Reviews Contest in FULL EFFECT!

Now that Everything Goes Cold’s “Vs. General Failure” album is out, how about we get out there post reviews? Knowing that your opinion iis both valuable and influential, we have decided to turn it into a contest. Giving the winner a Limited Edition Ice Brigade Membership Pack as well as a Everything Goes Cold Logo T-Shirt.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Post a review of “Vs. General Failure” on Amazon.com, FiXT, CD Baby, VF, Bit Riot Merch or iTunes. (It doesn’t have to be wordy, just awesome!)
2. Email us at info@bitriotrecords.com with links to the pages you left reviews on. For each review you post, you will gain a chance to win – up to 6 times!
3. DEADLINE: 3/31/10. Winner(s) will be announced on our website and in the April newsletter.

Simple as following the 1.2.3.

Good luck!

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