Everything Goes Cold transparently sucks up to 16volt in a desperate attempt to get Eric Powell to love them

Despite repeated entreaties to stop, a rather broadly-written restraining order, and a series of crudely drawn cartoons in which members of 16volt defecate directly in to the agape body of EGC refrigerator mascot Edgar G. Chillingston, the Everything Goes Cold remix of "Alkali" is set to appear on the classic Coldwave outfit’s new disc, "American Porn Songs Remixed". Joined by numerous other remixers both talented and popular (including Cyanotic, Left Spine Down, Unter Null, Caustic, SMP, and Tim Skold) EGC stands out like a sore thumb on this disc.

You can read about it on 16volt’s site here:


The disc will be released on May 11, right after you’re released from the county jail in the wake of the cheese-bread incident. It’ll give you something to listen to while bemoaning the fact that you’re no longer allowed within 500 feet of a Dominos, while they’ve got that new recipe promotion going on and everything.

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