FiXT Remix Launches Cyanotic "F@5h1on V1ktum5" Remix Contest

FiXT Remix along with some very awesome sponsors, Prime Loops, Korg, Camel Audio, and FXPansion have launched a remix contest for the anti-scene anthem “F@5h1on V1ktum5″ off The Medication Generation album by Chicago’s favorite techno-metalists Cyanotic.

The contest was launched on Mon, July 19th, 2010 and runs until Mon, Sept 20th, 2010 (11:59PM EST).

• Be A Registered FiXT Remix Artist (Sign Up for Free)
• Create an original Remix using any of the provided Remix Assets or your own original content. (No illegal samples)

1st Place:
Prime Loops – 3 Sample Packs
Korg – Korg Legacy Analog Edition Software (KLCAE07)
Camel Audio – Alchemy
FXPansion – DCAM Synth Squad

2nd Place:
Prime Loops – 1 Sample Packs
Camel Audio – CamelPhat

3rd Place:
Prime Loops – 1 Sample Packs
Camel Audio – CamelSpace

For complete rules and to enter the Cyanotic FiXT Remix Contest for “F@5h1on V1ktum5” click the following link:

Take It. Break It. Remake It.

For more information about Cyanotic, The Medication Generation or FiXT Remix visit:

FiXT Remix:
Contest link:


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