Free Cyanotic vs. Rabbit Junk EP, Exclusive Merch & a Contest all during Precursor Tour

To celebrate the hybrid band, dubbed Cya-Junk teaming up for the Precursor tour, the band has announced they will be offering exclusive Cyanotic vs. Rabbit Junk merchandise to their fans on all tour stops.

Here is a sneak peek of the Tshirt.

Per special request from the Cyanotic crew, will be making this very limited Tshirt available online from July 6 through July 11th for those fans who cannot attend this EPIC event.

In addition to all this, the band is offering a FREE 3 song digital EP, Drek Kick, which will be available starting July 3rd at

Drek Kick Track Listing:
01. Drek Kick [Precursor Tour Demo] – a declaration of why we create our brands of noise.
Cyanotic and Rabbit Junk come together to rally against all the pitfalls that come with
being active members of the music industry.

02. Demons – originally appearing on Rabbit Junk’s seminal “Reframe” album, the song has been
rebuilt as a prototype of what to expect from the Cyanotic vs Rabbit Junk live set, a unity
of power.

03. Gak Bitch [10 year anniversary] – originally a song by The Shizit [JP Anderson's digital hardcore act pre-Rabbit Junk]. One of the main influences during Cyanotic’s early stages, this classic audio bombast was put together in a furious 12 hour recording session between the Cya-Junk crew.

All songs reassembled by Sean Payne (Cyanotic) and JP Anderson (Rabbit Junk/Shiznit). Mixing and Mastering by Jamie Duffy (Acumen Nation/DJ Acucrack).

While you are grabbing Drek Kick at, why not join the Bit Riot Records mailing list? Everyone who signs up while the band is on tour will have a chance to win a signed copy of Cyanotic’s futuristic audio assault,The Medication Generation.

Be sure to visit for tour details.

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