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mangadrive – SP3 (2009) – Digital/FREE Web Release

01. Alter Der Ruine – Relax and Ride It(mangadrive RMX)
02. Mangadrive – Rockstar.Feelin’
03. Angelspit – Grind(mangadrive RMX)
04. Mangadrive – Lolth’s Web
05. Mangadrive – Protect.And.Get.Served
06. Proyecto Crisis – Dance.Machine (mangadrive hellanthem mix)
07. Mangadrive – An Esper’s Memory (torn)
08. Human Error and Mangadrive – Halluci_Nation
09. Mangadrive – A Starlet Dies (whitewine)
10. Adonikam – Nullify (mangadrive omglazers mix)
11. Torrent Vaccine – Exude (mangadrive underyourbed mix)

Note: This version of Torrent Vaccine "Exude" is NOT the same version from the Exude EP, but the one mentioned in the remix contest itself.

Front cover:

Back cover:

For those not familiar with the "SP" concept its a way to give the supporters and fans something back every year for free between album releases. Its also a good way to work other artists I enjoy and like to see exposure to. It started as a very small scale thing but each year has grown with momentum and force.

For More Information:

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