Join the Ice Brigade!

Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure – Ice Brigade Membership Pack

Includes a CD copy of the new vs. General Failure album, plus :

- Ice Brigade Comics #0- a comic book featuring the band’s mascot, Edgar G. Chillingston, with all new art by Stitchmind!
- A numbered membership card granting access to the Ice Brigade’s secret web-headquarters, where the exclusive digital cover EP “Mechanicals Vol. 1” will be revealed, plus access to exclusive merchandise at concerts, first looks at new material, and more. It’s just like being a freemason!
- An Edgar face magnet for your fridge, so people will laugh at you slightly less when you can shriek in terror every time you enter your kitchen!
- An exclusive 1.25″ commemorative pin!

Limited to 200 copies.

Join the Ice Brigade today, avoid a violent and terrible death at the hands of your own appliances tomorrow!

Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure – Ice Brigade Membership Pack

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