Aug 5/09 [STREAMING] New Cyanotic tracks debuting on Chicago radio Tonight!

Sean Payne of Cyanotic will be doing a guest appearance on Chicago radio's Hidden Forms show tomorrow from the hours of 7pm-9pm central. Sean's going to be playing a smattering.

Aug 5/09 No, Really, Does Cyanotic Ever Rest?

If you recall its been just under a year since "The Psychotranshumanoid West Coast Tour" featuring the power trio of Acumen Nation, DJ? Acucrack and Cyanotic. Guess that makes it just about.

Aug 5/09 Europe Calling…

Left Spine Down has been in talks with various booking agents and labels across the Atlantic and are now set to work with German agent Benny Siever at Klownhouse Touring..

Aug 5/09 Adding An Extra "Oomph" To Punk!

Deathwish of interviews Left Spine Down. "As the world of politics and the corporate media seem to be in such disarray, it has been hard to understand why not more.

Aug 5/09 Bringing The Heavy…Permanently.

Sean Payne announces, Eris (from Born into Oblivion) has joined Cyanotic as a permanent member on live drums. "He’s been a huge help since joining up for the 16 Volt.

Aug 5/09 Consider This Your Warning

There are now only 15 days left for your chance to win the Torrent Vaccine Remix Contest hosted by Presonus Audio Electronics ( and Bit Riot Records. If you.

Aug 5/09 iPUNK? uPUNK? wePUNK? Cyberpunk!!!

Vancouver's cyber-punk quintet Left Spine Down prepares to unleash their sonic assault on North America in support of the American release "Fighting For Voltage" on Bit Riot Records. The tour.

Aug 5/09 Bit Riot Artists Dominate VampireFreaks.Com

We have to take a moment to Thank all you Vampire Freaks out there for your support! Not only has Left Spine Down become a "Featured Band" on but.

Aug 5/09 Suck This!

Available now as a digital download from the Invisible Records Web site is Pigface's 17 Ways to Suck, a collection of remixes and cover versions of the song "Suck," which.

Aug 5/09 Revamped For Your Pleasure.

With the US Tour and American release, Bit Riot Records brings you new merch and revamped packaging for Left Spine Down's debut release Fighting For Voltage, the cd showcases the.

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