May 31/10 Razor Blade Dance Floor Episode #136 – The Midi Ghetto Tour Recap

First, let me just say it was AWESOME to finally get the chance to meet up with Joseph Graham of the Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast. I would recommend if.

May 28/10 Cyanotic Announces The Medication Generation Release Date. 3 Pre-order Options Now Available.

Mark your calendars and set your electronic alerts to stun because on July 6th, 2010 Bit Riot Records will unleash the best electronic metal album of the last ten years,.

May 27/10 Join the Ice Brigade!

Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure - Ice Brigade Membership Pack Includes a CD copy of the new vs. General Failure album, plus : - Ice Brigade Comics #0- a comic book.

May 27/10 Torrent Vaccine – Response: Focus Comprehensive Set

To celebrate Torrent Vaccine's successful set at the Kinetik Festival 3.0 and his latest release, Focus, Bit Riot has put together an awesome package deal that is perfect for collectors.

May 3/10 Focus is Almost Here! Pre-Order NOW!

Bit Riot Records has set a date for the release of the Remix Ep titled, Focus, from electronic solo project Torrent Vaccine. It drops May 4th, just before Torrent Vaccine.

Apr 23/10 Everything Goes Cold Galavants Haphazardly Across the West with HANZEL UND GRETYL

ZANZIBAR - Professional paratroopers and expert pastry chefs EVERYTHING GOES COLD have announced another West Coast Minotaur- this time with Deutschland's finest New Yorkers, HANZEL UND GRETYL. This coming.

Apr 21/10 2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour featuring 16Volt/Chemlab/Left Spine Down

The 2010 North American Midi Ghetto Tour kicks off on April 30th and runs through June 4th with a special stop to made on Thursday May 13th in Montreal for.


SAN FRANCISCO - Pot-bellied furries in Yoda caps from around the world will converge upon San Francisco in an unholy coven of terror and geekery this Friday through Sunday (4/2/10.

Mar 26/10 Torrent Vaccine set to release FOCUS EP

Bit Riot Records has confirmed the release of a Remix EP titled, Focus, from electronic solo project Torrent Vaccine. Contributors to this album will include Synnack, dj moon, Polyfuse, Magadrive, along.

Mar 24/10 Industrial Project Common Man Down Signs to Chicago's Bit Riot Records

After years of carefully carving out their sound, Cincinnati-based industrial project Common Man Down signs to Chicago's Bit Riot Records. Vocalist Jordan Davis had this to say about the signing: "We're.

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