Nov 24/09 Kick Off Your Holiday w/ mindFluxFuneral LIVE

To celebrate what can only be described as an incredible year, Dave of WTII Records has decided to grace us with another special "Holiday" installation of his monthly Sunday Night.

Nov 24/09 Nitzer Ebb w/ Torrent Vaccine vs. Synnack LIVE in NOLA

Torrent Vaccine vs. Synnack will be playing one night only with Nitzer Ebb in New Orleans, LA. Brad Vaccine of Torrent Vaccine comments about this exciting one night only set: "Clint.

Nov 9/09 Everything Goes Cold stare down Regen Magazine for fourteen straight hours in a battle of wits and Yahtzee!

Regen Mag interview EGC's Eric Gottesman here about the band's lifelong passion for hats made out of bees. Everything Goes Cold:

Oct 30/09 Deconbrio & Everything Goes Cold Live @ Deviant Nation’s Second Annual Masked Soiree – 11.13.09

Deviant Nation's Second Annual Masked Soiree Friday, November 13th, 2009 9pm DNA Lounge 375 11th St San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 626-1409 The Masked Soiree will feature burlesque and suspension performances from DN models, live music performances.

Oct 21/09 SHOWS APLENTY! [Everything Goes Cold]

In celebration of the impending sexy and chilling release of our first full-length, EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE, we are playing way too many shows at your house. If.

Oct 13/09 Milwaukee’s only Coldwave Halloween bash!!

Cyanotic, am.psych, Dark Clan & DJ David Schock (wtii) Friday October 30th, 2009 9pm Club Anything 807 S. 5th Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 (414) 383-5680 Please contact Club Anything for more information.

Oct 13/09 Deconbrio's Danny Rendo Directs Electro Act Frightdoll's First Official Music Video

Music Video for "Alone in This" from the album Assimilation Illusion by Frightdoll Directed by Danny Rendo of Deconbrio / Broken Wire.

Oct 13/09 Deconbrio Enters Celldweller "Louder Than Words" Remix Contest

Check it out! Join the FiXT community and be heard! "Absolutely love the vocoded vocal and new melody. This is a SICK mix!" Voting TBA. Contest rules can be viewed.

Oct 13/09 The Greatest Band in the Universe (that is not us) Breaks up.

A message from Eric G. of Everything Goes Cold. It is with a very, very heavy evil robot heart that we mark the passing of Babyland, a band that has helped.

Oct 8/09

Cyanotic has won the war and is now the proud owner of! That's right no hyphen needed.


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