Nitzer Ebb w/ Torrent Vaccine vs. Synnack LIVE in NOLA

Torrent Vaccine vs. Synnack will be playing one night only with Nitzer Ebb in New Orleans, LA.

Brad Vaccine of Torrent Vaccine comments about this exciting one night only set: "Clint and I are both excited about the show with Nitzer Ebb. They’re icons to me in a way and there is a good buzz down here about the event. We are currently re-working some of the Vaccine tracks to make them even more flexible, since the performance will be unrehearsed and 100% live."

"It’s also the first time I’ll have access to professional video equipment so there will be tons of footage for the fans who can’t make the show", said Brad. "For everyone who is planning to catch the show….be warned… It will be sonically chaotic and loud as fuck in NOLA on Dec 11th…Cheers!"

Nitzer Ebb w/ Torrent Vaccine vs. Synnack
Friday Dec 11th, 2009
9:00 PM
The Hangar
1511 South Rendon
New Orleans, Louisiana 70125

Cost: $20

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