Razor Blade Dance Floor Episode #136 – The Midi Ghetto Tour Recap

First, let me just say it was AWESOME to finally get the chance to meet up with Joseph Graham of the Razor Blade Dance Floor Podcast. I would recommend if you ever get the chance to meet him, you DO IT! You will definitely be glad you did.

I also recommend if you haven’t had the chance to listen to his podcast you start NOW.

This episode is his attempt to compress the insanity of 10 days spent on The Midi Ghetto Tour with 16volt, Chemlab and Left Spine Down, (hitting shows in St. Louis, Chicago, Toronto, Ottawa, London, Montreal, Providence, New York City and Cleveland) into the tight confines of a 2 hour show.

Joseph tells a less than detailed (but very enjoyable) story about hanging with fans, members of bands (Defcon, Everything Goes Cold, Android Lust, Christ Analogue, Caustic, Unter Null, I, Parasite and Bile, amongst others), and schmoozing with the labels he has supported on his show, such as Primordial Music, Bit Riot Records, Metropolis Records and WTII Records. Not to mention, he plays some pretty incredible tracks from the artists that made this tour so memorable, including Cyanotic’s dance floor ready anti-scene anthem “f@5h10n v1k+um5″ from their upcoming The Medication Generation album.

Episode Playlist:

Murder Happens – Dead and Spun [Dead World and Dying Suns] (2009)
Defcon – Last Chance [Flat Black Philosophy] (2010)
Promonium Jesters [Rust (Long)] (2010)
MDM – Das Ist Krieg (American Reich) [Modern Digital Militia] (2007)
16volt – American Porn Song (Skold) [American Porn Song - Remixed] (2010)
Everything Goes Cold – Don’t Quit Your Day Job [Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure] (2009)
Chemlab – Solar Max (The Jimmy Semtex Coil) [Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music To Cure Cancer] (2010)
Doomsday Virus – Life Sux (And Then You Die) [Drink The Kool-Aid] (2008)
Left Spine Down – Reset (Man & Machines Remix) [Smartbomb 2.3: The Underground Mixes) (2009)
Android Lust – Lover Thine [Devour, Rise and Take Flight] (2006)
I, Parasite – Garbage Man [The Sick Are Not Healing] (2010)
Bile – World Up Your Ass [Hate Radio] (2009)
Neuroplague – Sensorburn (Genetically Altered) [Altered] (2008)
Filament 38 – Paralyze [Frail EP] (2010)
Prude – Darkroom [Gears Gone Wild] (2008)
Cyanotic – Fashion Victims [Medication Generation] (2010)

Support GOOD music, like the stuff you hear on this show.

Razor Blade Dance Floor #136 – The Midi Ghetto Tour Recap

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