Reviews of Cyanotic's sophomore album, The Medication Generation posted at ReGen Magazine.

A very special edition of ReGen Magazine’s ReViews has been posted in honor of the long awaited Cyanotic release, The Medication Generation, due out July 6th.

“The Medication Generation is not only a far heavier album than its predecessor, but is even more diverse in its meshing of styles, approaching its lyrical themes from all angles to make for a well rounded and thought provoking collection, and marking Cyanotic as one of the most important musical entities to emerge in the underground music scene since the onset of the 21st century.”Ilker Yücel, Editor-in-Chief

“The Medication Generation is as thought provoking as it is rocking.”Trubie Turner, Contributing Writer

“The long wait has been validated with release of The Medication Generation, and Cyanotic again demonstrates that they are both accomplished as well as progressive in the modern industrial music scene.”Stephen Lussier, Contributing Writer

To read all the hype on The Medication Generation from ReGen Magazine follow this link – Cyanotic -The Medication Generation ReViews

You can head over to to Pre Order your copy of MED:GEN now and receive Cyanotic’s Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break compilation for FREE!

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