Work on Everything Goes Cold’s hotly- no, COLDLY anticipated debut full-length, "Everything Goes Cold vs. General Failure", has been completed. Produced by Imperative Reaction‘s Ted Phelps and mastered by Hate Dept.‘s Seibold, this album is like a tiny god, except not even tiny. Two new songs have been posted to their profile:

Bitch Stole My Time Machine
A heart-wrenching story of paradox and the destruction of all reality as we know it, featuring guest noise by Conan Neutron of Replicator and Mount Vicious.

An angry, angry song, for which you are entirely responsible. You are a jerk. With guest guitars from James Perry of Deathline Int’l.

Expect more and worse music from the album to be posted in the days and weeks to come, including an epically epic preview track with clips from the entire album, and a bevy of increasingly unnecessary and confounding guest stars, all leading up to the terrifying and moist release of the album on Bit Riot Records.


1. Defrosted
3. Don’t Quit Your Day Job
4. I’ve Sold Your Organs on the Black Market To Finance the Purchase of a Used Minivan
6. The Droids You’re Looking For
7. Bitch Stole My Time Machine
9. Unleash the Kraken
10. Monsters of the Modern Age
11. Ice Brigade
12. Refrozen
13. FAIL

MORE IN THE DAYS TO COME. Stay tuned or you’ll get clocked in the head by an angry appliance.

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