Stop Actin' Like You Don't Know.

As you MUST have already heard (hmm..simply scroll down if you haven’t), “The Static Screen” from Cyanotic’s Prehab 25mg EP will be the soundtrack to’s blood-soaked commercial featuring savage zombie girls wearing and tearing gear from some of your favorite horror films. owner, Kristoff shared more details about this advertisement, “The commercial was mainly shot for web based advertising on horrormerch. com, and other assorted horror movie and music websites. However, after shooting more video we had found that this commercial, as long as it is approved due to its excessive use of blood and scantly clad girls, may find some air time during Headbangers Ball on MTV2 later this summer/fall.”

To celebrate this pairing, and Bit Riot Records are inviting everyone to download “The Static Screen” for FREE exclusively at features over 250 horror tees and tons of collectibles from Saw, House of 1000 Corpses, Friday the 13th and many more! As a special thank you, Cyanotic and Bit Riot Fans are welcome to use promo code “BITRIOT” for 20% off at during this promotion.

Kristoff adds, “We have fun on the underground horror convention circuit and want you to enjoy the ride that comes with it!”

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