Suck This!

Available now as a digital download from the Invisible Records Web site is Pigface’s 17 Ways to Suck, a collection of remixes and cover versions of the song “Suck,” which features Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails on lead vocals and was originally released on Pigface’s 1991 debut album, Gub.

Why are We telling you about this? Find out after the cut.

17 Ways to Suck includes an awesome remix by our very own, Torrent Vaccine, a live Pigface recording at Chicago’s HOB, plus cover versions of the song by a couple of our hometown favorites, The Countdown and Ahab Rex.

This is a must for any Pigface fan.
The compilation is available now as a digital download [192k mp3] from Invisible Records.

01. Ahab Rex – Suck
02. Opiumm Jukkebox – Suck
03. Pigface – Suck (Architects Eye Remix)
04. Pigface – Suck (Cow Pie Surprise Mix)
05. Pigface – Suck (Dystopiate Remix)
06. Pigface – Suck (Fable Fire Remix)
07. Pigface – Suck (Giorgio Bormida Remix)
08. Pigface – Suck (Henkel Remix)
09. Pigface – Suck (iammynewt remix)
10. Pigface – Suck (I Want To Do Terrible Things 2 U)
11. Pigface – Suck (John Hass Remix)
12. Pigface – Suck (Live Accoustic 12-07-1995)
13. Pigface – Suck (Live at HOB Chicago 1998)
14. Pigface – Suck (Sweeter Than The Sun – Radio Edit)
15. Pigface – Suck (Torrent Vaccine Remix)
16. Pigface – Suck (VX Remix)
17. The Countdown – Suck

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