The Greatest Band in the Universe (that is not us) Breaks up.

A message from Eric G. of Everything Goes Cold.

It is with a very, very heavy evil robot heart that we mark the passing of Babyland, a band that has helped us more than any other during our as-of-yet brief existence. Please read Dan’s myspace posting about it.

Aside from helping EGC in the obvious ways like doing a fantastic remix of “FAIL” on our EP and bringing us with them on their West Coast tour last year, Babyland has provided me personally with the inspiration to keep making the music I want to make, and to always strive for greater things when we play live. They have been my favorite band for ten years. I have seen them perform something like 65 times (and I am not exaggerating that), and at least half of the major events of my personal life for the past decade have occurred at Babyland shows.

There are no words to describe how deeply I feel this loss, and I urge you all to listen to them now if you haven’t before. “You Will Never Have It” exemplifies some of their best qualities, and is posted to, but if you never had your knees pressed in to the edge of the stage at Berkeley’s historic Punk Rock venue, 924 Gilman, with twenty sweaty people pounding their fists rhythmically in to your back while sparks from Smith’s grinder were setting your hair on fire, you may never really get why they were so important to so many of us. They were without a doubt the greatest live performers Industrial Music has seen, at least since their inception twenty years ago, if not longer.

I am proud to have shared the stage with Dan and Smith on so many occasions, including playing with Caustic at their final show, and even prouder to call them my friends. We wish them both all the best, and can never thank them enough for all that they have done.

Hugs and kisses, Eric.

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