The Wait Is Over, The End Has Begun.

Chicago based blackened Industrial metalists, DEFCON have signed a new deal with Bit Riot Records and are ready to release their monumental album entitled Flat Black Philosophy and begin their merciless iron-fisted crusade!

Vocalist brendan7 comments on the contractual partnership: “Finally, after weighing many options, Bit Riot has gracefully joined us in our quest to spread our message of despair and nothingness. This day brings us closer to the final end.”

If you have heard DEFCON in the past, you may be surprised by the metamorphosis the band has recently undergone. The change started in the winter ’07, known to the band as, for reasons untold to the public, “The Winter of Scorn and Solitude“. It was along this hellish course that they realized the music they had once made was no longer the language they were speaking.

That brutal reality birthed Flat Black Philosophy: a crushing ode to mans exhausted struggle to live in a world that’s only visible purpose is to kill him. The album, inspired by both industrial and black metal genres, not only brings anger, violence, and darkness into the world of electronic music, but also the harsh reality of death. Reminding us that we are all going to end up alone, dead or both.

Flat Black Philosophy will be unleashed via Bit Riot Records March 16th, 2010.

“Things have stayed dark in our lives and have not gotten better since the winter of scorn and solitude,” brendan7 added. “We are now continuing on our path and will be heading out to spread our message of darkness, and hopelessness.”

In support of Flat Black Philosophy; this 4 piece juggernaut will ferociously hit the road this Spring. For complete updated tour schedule and information go to

We are not here to help you, we are only here to survive

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