"THIS Is Brutal" Contest Winners.

“Brutal Deluxe” by Cyanotic was featured on the October ’08 CD Sampler released by Metal Maniacs Magazine. http://www.metalmaniacs.com

We had offered you a chance to win the entire Cyanotic catalog plus a t shirt. All we asked in return is that you send a photo of yourself posing with your copy of the October ’08 Metal Maniacs Magazine and the Sampler.

We are excited to announce we have a winner, or two, or NINE! Yes, 9…Jalyn, Lance, Shelby, Joel, Nick, Rachel, Kayla, Erin, Dylan of Attalla, Alabama. (Try and say that 5x’s fast…)

I took a minute to email a couple of them some questions. Here is what they had to say.

Bit Riot: What is your favorite Cyanotic song?

Lance: My fav. song by them would have to be, “The Static Screen”.

Bit Riot: Tell me about when you took this photo. Where was it taken?

Jalyn: At our mall, here in Gadsden.. aka: Our only hang out.

Bit Riot: Geeez, What is your town like?

Jalyn: Lame.. but in a good way i guess…

Bit Riot: What music do you listen to most?

Lance: Mostly techno, but I usually listen to screamo or rock as some people call it. I also love J-pop and J-rock.

Jalyn: Hardcore, techno, experimental.

Bit Riot: Anything you would like to add?

Jalyn: Bit Riot is a great label, and Cyanotic is my favorite band they are producing.

Thanks to Jalyn and Lance for talking with us and everyone for waiting in line to see Santa! m/

We would also like to thank everyone else who entered. Yeah… so…Thanks!!!

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