Unter Null / Cyanotic VIP Detox Tour Ticket Packages Announced

VIP Ticket Packages are now available for the Unter Null / Cyanotic Detox Tour.

Limited to 5 per show the VIP Packages include:

* Entry into Venue @ Load in where you will be issued your Detox tour VIP Laminate (your tour VIP laminate will get you %10 percent off all merch from both bands)

* Access to set up & sound check followed by a Q&A exclusive to the equipment, production, and live set up, as well as a guided tour of the stage once sound check has completed

* An exclusive photo opportunity with all of the touring artists and crew in addition to shots of just you with the members of Unter Null and Cyanotic

* An exclusive meet and greet where there will be a one-on-one opportunity for signatures (tour and/or day of show posters will be available for everyone, with the all the signatures of both Unter Null and Cyanotic)

* There will be a special VIP photo taken with the bands, and hosted on the Facebook and Myspace pages of both Unter Null and Cyanotic

* A special first mention in the credits of the 2010 Detox Tour DVD that we are recording over the course of the tour (and more than likely an appearance in it)

* As a DETOX tour VIP, you will also receive a coupon via email which will save you 25% off of the Tour DVD once it released (fall/winter of 2010)

Get your VIP tickets at http://www.unter-null.net/detox

The Detox Tour will kick off in Portland on July 6th and will cover most of North America before ending Mid-August.

For more information visit the links below:


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